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Construction Machinery Association: China's construction machinery market welcomes rapid growth

China news agency, Beijing, May 29 (Wang Qingkai), China Construction Machinery Industry Association President Qi Jun said at the "BICES2019 Countdown 100-Day Press Conference" on the 29th that China's construction machinery market has experienced rapid growth in the past two years, and is expected to be 2019. On the basis of 2018, it will increase by about 10 percentage points.

Qi Jun said that in 2018, the sales of major construction machinery products in China increased by 25.5%. In the first quarter of 2019, sales of construction machinery still performed well, with total product sales increasing by 15.2%. According to statistics, 25 excavator manufacturers that were included in the statistics in April 2019 sold a total of 7% of all types of excavators; the 22 loader manufacturers that included statistics sold a total of 6.26% of all types of loaders. The total sales of major machinery products will increase by about 10 percentage points on the basis of 2018.

In the view of Qi Jun, the achievements of the Chinese construction machinery industry cannot be separated from the overall good environment of the Chinese economy. The Chinese government's policy of reducing the value-added tax rate on manufacturing, construction, transportation and other industries will bring policy dividends and radiation effects to the manufacturing, construction and related industries. It will provide stable development of the construction machinery industry in 2019 and up to the next few years. Strong support.

Construction machinery industry and infrastructure construction are closely related. Jun Jun believes that Xiong'an New District is about to enter a large-scale substantive construction phase; China's fixed assets investment in highways, waterways and railways has also increased significantly in 2019; China will further promote Implement a number of infrastructure construction projects involving the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Economic Belt, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan Districts and the central and western regions.

Qi Jun said that the above-mentioned infrastructure construction and people's livelihood security projects will stimulate the demand for a large number of more environmentally friendly and efficient construction machinery and equipment. It is an opportunity for construction machinery manufacturers all over the world, and it is also a guarantee for the continued growth of China's construction machinery market in the future.

As the vane of China's construction machinery industry market development, the 15th BICES (International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference) will be held in Beijing from September 4th to 7th. The exhibition included “The 2nd China-Africa Construction Machinery Development Forum”, “The 2nd “Belt and Road” Construction Machinery Development Forum”, and the “First China-ASEAN Construction Machinery Development Forum” and many other activities. 

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